Early Pilot

During the Early Pilot phase, a number of computer games were developed. These collect data on how the player proceeds while playing the games. The collected data are then uploaded to our data server, and help us analyse

  • the suitability of computer games for measuring mental wellness, and
  • how well the data describe the stability of or changes in the player's mental wellness.

The games share a common framework programme and a launcher - these are the major components of our Mental Wellness Toolset (MWT). The launcher is a small programme that downloads the somewhat bigger framework and the latter downloads the games. When you start playing and your computer is on-line, i.e. connected to the Internet, all MWT-components are automatically updated, if necessary.

The games can be played while your computer is off-line, i.e. without Internet connection. Data are always collected locally and uploaded later when your computer is reconnected to the Internet.

If you are interested in our approach, or willing to help us achieve our goals, you may download the MWT, written in Java. Currently, it is available in four languanges: English, French, Greek and Hungarian.

Download and start instructions

... for Windows

Download and start the M3W Installer! It can be used on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.

With the five-language M3W installer you may select the language of installation and usage. (Do not try to use the German version as the games have no German versions yet.)

With the M3W installer, you can select also Java for installation. Even in that case, it will first be checked if Java is found on your computer. Java will only be installed if it not found. Please note  that you must have system administrator's rights to install Java.

After successful installation a new launcher icon, labelled as 'MWT-**', appears on your computer's Desktop (instead of '**', 'el', 'en', 'fr' or 'hu' will be displayed, meaning Greek, English, French or Hungarian). There may be more MWT launcher icons on the Desktop, each one for a different language.

Click twice quickly on the proper launcher icon to start the M3W games.

... for Linux

Before downloading, create a new folder, say 'm3w', and download the M3W Launcher into it. (The MWT creates several subfolders and files, so with this 'm3w' folder you keep everything under one hood.)

Start the M3W Launcher as java -jar m3w-launcher.jar --language en (English version), or replace 'en' by 'el', 'fr' or 'hu' (Greek, French or Hungarian, respectively). Prepend the file names with the path if needed. Add the --test switch to the above command if you want to start the games in the so called clinical test mode.

Hints for browser usage

Chrome, Chromium: click on the hyperlink with the right mouse button, and then 'Save link as';
Firefox: click on the hyperlink with the left or right mouse button, and then 'Save file' or 'Save link as';
Opera: click on the hyperlink with the left or right mouse button, and then 'Save file' or 'Save linked content as'.


In the M3W Framework, start the games as guest by clicking on the game console icon (second icon in the top left corner of the M3W Framework window). If you are a registered user  enter your username in the empty field, and then click on the arrow, or hit the enter (return) key on the keyboard. (Registration occurs on request.)

Important: If someone plays as guest the data measured and collected by the games will not be transferred to the M3W Data Server, and thus will not be evaluated. Registered users, please always login with your username when you play, and never login when your family members or other visitors play; let them play as guest.

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