Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Healthcare Technologies Knowledge Centre (Hungary)

BME EMT is a virtual institution: it consists of education and research groups operating more or less independently at various departments of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), mostly at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. Further, BME EMT cooperates with Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences in the area of biomedical engineering and health/biomedical informatics education. Therefore, the competencies of BME EMT are rather broad, ranging from electrical engineering and measurement sciences through robotics, image processing, information processing and software technology to biomedical engineering and health/biomedical informatics. The tasks of BME EMT also include strengthening cooperation between academia and industry in order to further the utilisation of research results, the joint participation of R&D&I projects etc. Due to its broad range of cooperation, BME EMT is able to mobilise various experts and researchers (including PhD and graduate students) in the above mentioned fields.

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