Zurich University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Facility Management (Switzerland)

The Institute for Facility Management (IFM) at Zurich University of Applied Sciences is a leader in the field of Facility Management. The IFM is the only academic institution in Switzerland to offer a comprehensive range of Facility Management services: teaching at the Bachelor's and Master's level, continuing education (MAS), research and development, and services. The Institute works closely with business and public organisations. In applied research and development and in consulting, new solutions are developed and the optimisation of Facility Management processes is supported. The Institute provides advice on strategic decisions and supports change processes. It works on a scientific and application-oriented basis in the research and development of new business fields, strategies, processes and areas of application. Through its research activities, the Institute contributes to development and innovation in processes, organisation, methods and products related to Facility Management. At the same time it promotes a theoretical and methodological understanding of the aspects, topics and activities being studied.

Specific research fields are selected that address needs of the market or society and that relate to the expertise of the IFM. The methodological and technical skills of various FM sub-disciplines are systematically applied. The Institute's innovative strength in applied research and development is based on interdisciplinary cooperation among its members.

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