Public deliverables

The following descriptions give an overview upon the objectives and results of the M3W project (all of them are listed under Publications / Flyers, posters). Click on the hyperlink to download.

The public versions of the so-called project deliverables provide a more detailed description of the objectives, intermediate and final achievements, solutions and background information.

Click with the left or middle mouse button on a hyperlink under Title of deliverable or File. It opens a new page, or displays a pop-up window. In the page, click on the file name link with the left or middle mouse button to open it, and with the right mouse button to download it or to perform another operation on it. In the pop-up window, follow the instructions. Note that the effect of mouse clicks varies, it depends on the browser type and settings, and the operation system on your computer.

Select one or more items to create a zip archive to download.

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